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I hereby grant the pretix project, Software development, and Raphael Michel a perpetual, irrevocable, unrestricted, transferable license to use, copy, modify, merge, publish, distribute, sublicense, and/or sell copies of my contributed translations, free of charge. I agree that I will also retain all rights on my contributed translations myself but will gain no rights to use or distribute the project or software as a whole from this. I hereby assure that all submitted translations have been created by myself and I own the right to publish them and transfer these rights.

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pretix / pretix Plugin: SeatingGerman

Committed changes a month ago
Copy into a new plan
Zu neuem Sitzplan migrkopieren
a month ago
Upload layout
Layout hochladen
a month ago
Download layout
Layout herunterladen
a month ago
Go to editor
Zum Editor
a month ago
At, you can find a graphical editor that you can use to create and modify seating plans in this specific format. Afterwards, you can save the plan to your computer's disk and upload it here to connect it to your events.
Unter finden Sie einen grafischen Editor, mit dem Sie Pläne in diesem Format erstellen und bearbeiten können. Danach können Sie den Plan auf deinem Computer speichern und hier hochladen und mit Ihren Veranstaltungen verknüpfen.
a month ago
We need your seating plan in a specific format that allows our software to understand not only how your plan looks, but also how its structure and numbering works.
Wir benötigen Ihren Sitzplan in einem bestimmten Format, damit unsere Software nicht nur versteht wie er aussieht, sondern auch wie er aufgebaut ist.
a month ago
Manage seating plans
Neuer SitzplaSitzpläne verwalten
a month ago
Blockierte SitzplätzeGesperrt
a month ago
a month ago
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