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pretix / pretix Plugin: Stay22German

Committed changes a year ago
Stay22 Embed Link
a year ago
Stay22 AID
a year ago
a year ago
However, if you are a Stay22 partner yourself and want to customize things further, you can enter your own affiliate ID or even a full embed link here.
Wenn Sie jedoch selbst Stay22-Partner sind und weitere Anpassungen vornehmen wollen, können Sie hier Ihre Affiliate-ID oder einen ganzen Embedding-Link eintragen.
a year ago
Our Stay22 integration works out of the box. You don't need to do anything!
Unsere Stay22-Integration funktioniert einfach so, Sie müssen nichts einstellen!
a year ago
Stay22 settings
a year ago
a year ago
This plugin allows to integrate the Stay22 hotel map into your pretix shop
Dieses Plugin erlaubt eine Integration der Stay22-Hotelkarte in Ihren pretix-Shop
a year ago
Stay22 Hotel map
Stay22 Hotelkarte
a year ago
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