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pretix Plugin: Adyen This translation does not yet exist. Apache-2.0 0% 44 352
pretixdroid (deprecated) This translation does not yet exist. 0% 72 383
pretix Plugin: Cart sharing Fix this component to clear its alerts. This translation is locked. This translation does not yet exist. Apache-2.0 0% 31 151
pretix Plugin: Venueless This translation does not yet exist. Apache-2.0 0% 14 71
pretixLEAD (Android) This translation does not yet exist. 0% 29 145
pretix Plugin: Exhibitors This translation does not yet exist. 0% 89 360
pretix Plugin: Digital Content This translation does not yet exist. 0% 69 350
pretix Plugin: Saferpay This translation does not yet exist. Apache-2.0 0% 57 313
pretixSCAN (iOS) This translation does not yet exist. Apache-2.0 0% 107 501
pretixPOS (Android) This translation does not yet exist. 0% 367 2,260

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Filemask pretix_slack/locale/*/LC_MESSAGES/django.po
Translation file pretix_slack/locale/nl_Informal/LC_MESSAGES/django.po
Committed changes 2 years ago
Wonderful! You should now receive slack messages for newly created orders.
Geweldig! Je zou nu Slack-berichten moeten ontvangen voor nieuw aangemaakte bestellingen.
2 years ago
Invalid request, please try again.
Ongeldig verzoek, probeer opnieuw.
2 years ago
Okay! Your pretix event is now disconnected from your slack channel.
Ok! Je pretix-evenement is nu niet meer verbonden met je Slack-kanaal.
2 years ago
Sorry, we had trouble communicating with the slack API. Please try again later.
Sorry, we hadden moeite met het communiceren met de Slack-API. Probeer het later alsjeblieft opnieuw.
2 years ago
Remove connection
Verbinding verwijderen
2 years ago
View this app on Slack
Toon deze app op Slack
2 years ago
Your shop is connected to your slack channel <strong>%(channel)s</strong>. We'll notify you there if a new order has been placed!
Je winkel is verbonden met je Slack-kanaal <strong>%(channel)s</strong>. We zullen je hier een bericht sturen wanneer een nieuwe bestelling is geplaatst!
2 years ago
We haven't been able to connect to the Slack API. We received the error code "%(reason)s" and were unable to notify you. Sorry for that! If this problem happens more often, please contact support.
We konden niet verbinden met de Slack-API. We kregen de foutcode "%(reason)s", en konden je geen bericht sturen. Sorry hiervoor! Neem contact op met ondersteuning als dit probleem vaker voorkomt.
2 years ago
Order {code}
Bestelling {code}
2 years ago
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