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Key English Portuguese (Portugal) State
scan_result_revoked Ticket code revoked/changed
scan_result_canceled Order canceled Encomenda cancelada
error_sync_in_background A synchronization is already running in the background.
dialog_unpaid_title Unpaid order Encomenda por pagar
dialog_unpaid_text This ticket belongs to an order that has not yet been paid. Do you still want to check it in? This will not mark the order as paid.
dialog_unpaid_retry Check in anyways
preference_badgeprint_enable Enable badge printing
preference_autobadgeprint_enable Print badges automatically after successful scan
preference_badgeprint_install_pretixprint Printing badges requires the separate pretixPRINT app. Do you want to install it?
already_scanned already scanned
total_tickets_sold total tickets sold
ticket_attention Attention, special ticket!
hardware_scanner Please press the hardware scan buttons of your device to scan.
hardware_scanner_switch_to_camera Use camera instead
force_full_resync Force a full synchronization
settings_label_version Version Versão
settings_label_troubleshooting Troubleshooting
force_full_resync_help This will not delete any of your local data, but it will force the next synchronization of every event to be a full synchronization, i.e. downloading all data again instead of only changed data.
full_delete Delete all local data and reset device
full_delete_confirm Do you really want to reset the device? You will need to pair it with the online system again.
label_shop_active Active Ativo
label_shop_inactive Shop deactivated Bilheteira desativada
settings_label_search_disable Disable search Desativar pesquisa
settings_label_kioskmode Kiosk mode Modo kiosk
settings_summary_kioskmode Kiosk mode hides menus that are not supposed to be used in a self-service installation. Kiosk mode does not prevent users from exiting the app through system features. To access settings, you need to scan a QR code with your PIN.
pin_protection PIN protection Proteção por PIN
pin_protection_pin Set PIN Escolher PIN
pin_protection_enable Enable PIN protection Ativar proteção por PIN
pin_protection_settings Protect app settings
pin_protection_statistics Protect statistics Proteger estatísticas
pin_protection_switch_event Protect event switch
Key English Portuguese (Portugal) State
settings_label_auto_switch Automatic event selection
settings_label_auto_sync Automatic Synchronization
settings_label_badges Badges
settings_label_details Details Detalhes
settings_label_device_camera Use device camera Usar camara do dispositovo
settings_label_kioskmode Kiosk mode Modo kiosk
settings_label_licenses Author and licenses Autor e licenças
settings_label_orders_sync Download orders
settings_label_scan_offline Offline scanning
settings_label_search_disable Disable search Desativar pesquisa
settings_label_sounds Play sounds
settings_label_sync Synchronization
settings_label_troubleshooting Troubleshooting
settings_label_ui User interface
settings_label_verification Ticket verification
settings_label_version Version Versão
settings_summary_auto_switch With this option, pretixSCAN will ask the server during synchronization if the server suggests switching the app to a different event and check-in list and then switches automatically.
settings_summary_kioskmode Kiosk mode hides menus that are not supposed to be used in a self-service installation. Kiosk mode does not prevent users from exiting the app through system features. To access settings, you need to scan a QR code with your PIN.
settings_summary_orders_sync Without this option, pretixSCAN will not download order data and not be able to scan offline tickets with pretix's default settings.
settings_summary_scan_offline When scanning offline, your device will verify all input with its internal database instead with the server and synchronize its database with the server occasionally. This is more reliable, but allows a ticket to be scanned twice if you scan with multiple devices.
setup_error_failed The initial connection test failed.
setup_error_invalid_qr_code The QR code you scanned is not a valid configuration code. Please make sure you created the code in the Devices section of a pretix organizer account.
setup_error_io Connection error while trying to reach the server.
setup_error_legacy_qr_code The QR code you scanned is for an old predecessor of this app. Please go to the Devices section in your pretix organizer account and create a new device there.
setup_error_permissions pretixSCAN does not work properly without granting those permissions. Please restart the app.
setup_error_request Request rejected by server. Please double-check your input.
setup_error_response The server returned an invalid response.
setup_error_server Server error while trying to register the device.
setup_error_ssl Security error while trying to reach the server.
setup_error_version_too_high The QR code you scanned is from a newer version of pretix than this app has been built for. Please check if you can get an update for this app!
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