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Protect statistics
Key English Portuguese (Portugal) State
full_delete_confirm Do you really want to reset the device? You will need to pair it with the online system again.
hardware_scanner Please press the hardware scan buttons of your device to scan.
hardware_scanner_switch_to_camera Use camera instead
headline_setup Welcome to pretixSCAN! Bem-vindo ao pretixSCAN!
hint_token Token Token
hint_url URL URL
label_shop_active Active Ativo
label_shop_inactive Shop deactivated Bilheteira desativada
ok OK OK
operation_select_checkinlist Select Check-in list
operation_select_event Select Event
pin_protection PIN protection Proteção por PIN
pin_protection_enable Enable PIN protection Ativar proteção por PIN
pin_protection_pin Set PIN Escolher PIN
pin_protection_settings Protect app settings
pin_protection_statistics Protect statistics Proteger estatísticas
pin_protection_switch_event Protect event switch
pin_protection_switch_mode Protect mode switch
preference_autobadgeprint_enable Print badges automatically after successful scan
preference_badgeprint_enable Enable badge printing
preference_badgeprint_install_pretixprint Printing badges requires the separate pretixPRINT app. Do you want to install it?
preference_badges_twice Print every badge twice
pref_unpaid_ask Ask before checking in unpaid tickets
pref_unpaid_ask_summary When the check-in list is set to include pending orders, this setting controls whether you will be asked before they are being checked in.
progress_processing Processing… A processar…
progress_registering Registering device with server…
progress_syncing Synchronizing with server…
progress_syncing_first Downloading event configuration…
question_input_invalid This input is not valid.
question_input_required This field is required.


Protect statistics
Proteger estatísticas
5 months ago
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English Portuguese (Portugal)
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