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Key English Russian State
sumup_error_no_connectivity No connectivity
sumup_error_not_logged_in You are not logged in into a SumUp account
sumup_error_transaction_failed Transaction failed
sumup_error_unsupported_currency This currency is not supported by SumUp
sync_status Synchronization status
sync_status_date_format yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss
sync_status_last Last successful synchronization:
sync_status_last_failed Last failed synchronization:
sync_status_local Checkins queued to upload:
sync_status_never not yet synchronized
sync_status_now synchronized just now
sync_status_progress synchronization is running…
sync_status_time_days synchronized %d day ago
sync_status_time_hours synchronized %d hour ago
sync_status_time_minutes synchronized %d minute ago
title_activity_main pretixPOS
tutorial_setup To get started, create a new device in the Devices section of your organizer account in the pretix backend. You will be then presented with a configuration QR code to scan.
upload_dump Upload a debug dump
upload_dump_help Please execute this option if asked to do so by the pretix support.
val_err_cc_missing Country is not configured
val_err_closing_required You are required to close your session and open a new one. This can be caused by switching to an event with different base settings, by changing some settings in the backend or by updating this app.
val_err_currency_country_mismatch This currency is currently not supported in this country.
val_err_giftcard_not_allowed_tse Gift card redemptions are not allowed without a TSE.
val_err_invoicesettings_addr_missing You need to specify a full receipt issuer address for this event in the online backend at Settings > Invoices > Issuer details.
val_err_invoicesettings_taxid_or_vatid_missing You need to specify either a VAT ID or a tax ID for this event in the online backend at Settings > Invoices > Issuer details.
val_err_taxrule_country_mismatch Tax rules with a tax rate of %1$s percent are currently not supported in this country.
val_err_testmode This event is set to test mode. However, pretixPOS does not support test mode. All bookings made through pretixPOS will be recorded and can not be deleted, only canceled.
val_err_tse_required Starting October 1st, 2020, it is no longer possible to use pretixPOS in Germany for cash payments without a TSE (technical security device). If you only process free tickets or card payments, go to Settings and turn off cash payments. If you want to process cash or gift card payments, please get in touch with to purchase a compatible TSE.
validation_error_headline Error while loading this event
validation_error_ignore Ignore
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Needs editing pretix/pretix
Translated pretix/pretixPOS (Android)
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Not translated pretix/pretixSCAN (Android)


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