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This plugin allows you to receive payments via bank transfer .
This plugin allows you to receive payments via bank transfer.
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Bank transfer banka transferi
This plugin allows you to receive payments via bank transfer. Bu eklenti banka havalesi yoluyla ödeme almanızı sağlar
Install the python package 'chardet' for better CSV import capabilities. Daha iyi CSV içe aktarma yetenekleri için python paketini 'chardet' takın.
I have understood that people will pay the ticket price directly to my bank account and pretix cannot automatically know what payments arrived. Therefore, I will either mark payments as complete manually, or regularly import a digital bank statement in order to give pretix the required information.
Bank account type Banka hesap detayları
SEPA bank account
Other bank account Yeni bir hesap oluştur
Name of account holder Hesap sahibi
Name of bank Gün sayısı
Bank account details Banka hesap detayları
Include everything else that your customers might need to send you a bank transfer payment. If you have lots of international customers, they might need your full address and your bank's full address. Müşterilerinizin size bir banka havalesi ödemesi göndermesi gereken her şeyi ekleyin. SEPA ülkeleri içinde IBAN, BIC ve hesap sahibi yeterli olmalıdır. Çok sayıda uluslararası müşteriniz varsa, tam adresinize ve bankanızın tam adresine de ihtiyaçları olabilir.
For SEPA accounts, you can leave this empty. Otherwise, please add everything that your customers need to transfer the money, e.g. account numbers, routing numbers, addresses, etc.
Create an invoice for orders using bank transfer immediately if the event is otherwise configured to create invoices after payment is completed.
Do not include hyphens in the payment reference. Ödeme referansında kısa çizgi eklemeyin.
This is required in some countries. Bu bazı ülkelerde gereklidir.


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