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Additional fesuccess message
Additional success message
Context English Turkish State
If you provide a logo image, we will by default not show your organization name in the page header. By default, we show your logo with a size of up to 1140x120 pixels. You can increase the size with the setting below. We recommend not using small details on the picture as it will be resized on smaller screens. Bir logo resmi sağlarsanız, varsayılan olarak kuruluşunuzun adını sayfa başlığında göstermeyiz. Logonuzu maksimum 120 piksel yüksekliğinde göstereceğiz.
Social media image
This picture will be used as a preview if you post links to your ticket shop on social media. Facebook advises to use a picture size of 1200 x 630 pixels, however some platforms like WhatsApp and Reddit only show a square preview, so we recommend to make sure it still looks good only the center square is shown. If you do not fill this, we will use the logo given above.
Logo image Logo resmi
We will show your logo with a maximal height and width of 2.5 cm. Logonuzu maksimum yükseklik ve 2,5 cm genişliğinde göstereceğiz.
Info text Bilgi metni
Not displayed anywhere by default, but if you want to, you can use this e.g. in ticket templates. Varsayılan olarak herhangi bir yerde gösterilmiyor, ancak isterseniz, ör. bilet şablonlarında kullanabilirsiniz.
Banner text (top)
This text will be shown above every page of your shop. Please only use this for very important messages.
Banner text (bottom)
This text will be shown below every page of your shop. Please only use this for very important messages.
Voucher explanation Kupon geri ödeme
This text will be shown next to the input for a voucher code. You can use it e.g. to explain how to obtain a voucher code.
Attendee data explanation Katılımcı adı
This text will be shown above the questions asked for every admission product. You can use it e.g. to explain why you need information from them.
Additional success message Ek ücret
This message will be shown after an order has been created successfully. It will be shown in additional to the default text.
Help text of the phone number field
Make sure to enter a valid email address. We will send you an order confirmation including a link that you need to access your order later. Geçerli bir e-posta adresi girdiğinizden emin olun. Siparişinize daha sonra erişmek için ihtiyacınız olan bir bağlantıyı içeren bir sipariş onayı göndereceğiz.
Help text of the email field
Allow creating a new team during event creation
Users that do not have access to all events under this organizer, must select one of their teams to have access to the created event. This setting allows users to create an event-specified team on-the-fly, even when they do not have "Can change teams and permissions" permission.
Event start time (descending) Etkinlik başlangıç zamanı (azalan)
Name (descending) İsim (azalan)
subevent Date ordering Tarih sıralaması
Link back to organizer overview on all event pages Tüm etkinlik sayfalarında düzenleyiciye genel bakışa geri dönün
Homepage text Ana sayfa metni
This will be displayed on the organizer homepage. Bu, organizatör ana sayfasında görüntülenecektir.
Length of gift card codes Hediye kartı
The system generates by default {}-character long gift card codes. However, if a different length is required, it can be set here.
Validity of gift card codes in years Hediye kartı


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Additional fesuccess message
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