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Do you really want to canceldelete this order? You<strong>You really cannot revert this action. and we can't either.</strong>
Do you really want to delete this order? <strong>You really cannot revert this action and we can't either.</strong>
Context English French State
This position has been created with a voucher with a limited budget. If you change the price or item, the discount will still be calculated from the original price at the time of purchase.
Change to Changer
including all taxes Taxes incluses
Removing this position will also remove all add-ons to this position. La suppression de cette position supprimera également tous les ajouts à cette position.
Add product Produits Add-On
Manually modifying payment fees is discouraged since they might automatically be on subsequent order changes or when choosing a different payment method.
Other operations Options de réponse
Perform changes Effectuer les changements
Change contact information Modifier les coordonnées
Change locale information Modifier les informations locales
This language will be used whenever emails are sent to the users. Cette langue sera utilisée chaque fois que des emails seront envoyés aux utilisateurs.
Change order information Modifier les informations relatives à la commande
Invoice information Facturation
(optional) (optionnel)
Delete order Tous les organisateurs
Do you really want to delete this order? <strong>You really cannot revert this action and we can't either.</strong> Voulez-vous vraiment annuler cette commande ? Vous ne pouvez pas annuler cette action.
Yes, delete order Oui, demande de remboursement
Deny order Ordre de paiement
Notify user by e-mail Informer l'utilisateur par e-mail
Comment (will be sent to the user)
Yes, deny order Oui, demande de remboursement
Extend payment term Prolonger le délai de paiement
Order details: %(code)s Détails de la commande: %(code)s
taxes impôts
Mark as paid Marquer comme payé
Reactivate order Validation
View order as user Voir la commande en tant qu'utilisateur
View email history Voir l'historique des emails
Expire order Ordonnance d'expiration


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