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Context English French State
Invalid time input. Saisie de durée invalide.
Invalid datetime input. Saisie de la date et de l'heure invalide.
Unknown country code. Code de commande inconnu
Answer Réponse
The identifier "{}" is already used for a different option. L'identificateur "{}" est déjà utilisé pour une autre option.
Question option Option de question
Question options Options de questions
Total capacity Capacité totale
Leave empty for an unlimited number of tickets. Laissez vide pour un nombre illimité de billets.
Item Article
Variations Variantes
Close this quota permanently once it is sold out
If you enable this, when the quota is sold out once, no more tickets will be sold, even if tickets become available again through cancellations or expiring orders. Of course, you can always re-open it manually.
Allow to sell more tickets once people have checked out
With this option, quota will be released as soon as people are scanned at an exit of your event. This will only happen if they have been scanned both at an entry and at an exit and the exit is the more recent scan. It does not matter which check-in list either of the scans was on, but check-in lists are ignored if they are set to "Allow re-entering after an exit scan" to prevent accidental overbooking.
Quota Quota
Quotas Quotas
All variations must belong to an item contained in the items list. Toutes les variantes doivent appartenir à un poste contenu dans la liste des postes.
One or more items has variations but none of these are in the variations list. Un ou plusieurs articles présentent des variantes, mais aucun d'entre eux ne figure dans la liste des variantes.
Subevent cannot be null for event series. Le sous-événement ne peut pas être nul pour les séries d'événements.
Order {val} Commande {val}
Voucher {val}… Bon de réduction {val}…
Product {val} Produit {val}
subevent Date {val} Date {val}
Quota {val} Quota {val}
Category {val} Catégorie {val}
Question {val} Question {val}
Tax rule {val} Règle fiscale {val}
pending en attente
paid Payé
expired expiré


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