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Sofort reported an error: {}
We had trouble communicating with Sofort. Please try again and get in touch with us if this problem persists.
We had trouble communicating with Sofort. Please try again and contact support if the problem persists.
Transaction started, no tracing possible
Transaction refunded
Money not received
Money not yet received
Money received
Sofort reported a status notification: {status}
The Sofort transaction %(trans)s has succeeded, but the order %(order)s is expired and the product was sold out in the meantime. Therefore, the payment could not be accepted. Please contact the user and refund the money via Sofort's interface.
Sofort reported that the transaction %(trans)s has been refunded. Do you want to refund mark the matching order (%(order)s) as refunded?
After you submitted your order, we will redirect you to Sofort to complete your payment. You will then be redirected back here to get your tickets.
Payer name
Our attempt to execute your payment has failed. Please try again or contact us.
We're waiting for an answer regarding your payment. Please contact us, if this takes more than a few hours.
The payment process has started in a new window.
The window to enter your payment data was not opened or was closed?
Click here in order to open the window.
Your payment could not be handled as the event sold out in the meantime. Please contact the organizer for more information.
The payment process has failed. You can click below to try again.
Your payment has been started processing and will take a while to complete. We will send you an email once your payment is completed. If this takes longer than expected, contact the event organizer.
The payment process was canceled. You can click below to try again.
Sorry, there was an error in the payment process.
Sorry, there was an error in the payment process. Please check the link in your emails to continue.
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This translation Propagated Not translated pretix/pretix Plugin: Sofort
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Propagated Translated pretix/pretix Время


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3 years ago
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3 years ago
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pretix_sofort/locale/ru/LC_MESSAGES/django.po, string 20