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No exports have been created yet.
Context English Catalan State
Account name
Mandate reference
Due date
<strong>%(num_new)s</strong> SEPA debit orders have been placed and are not yet exported as Sepa XML.
In test mode, your exports will only contain test mode orders. En mode de prova, les exportacions només contindran comandes de prova.
If you want, you can now also create SEPA debit files for multiple events combined.
Go to organizer-level exports Anar a les exportacions de nivell organitzador
Create new export file Crear un nou fitxer d'exportació
Exported XML files
Export date Data d'exportació
Number of orders Número de comandes
Total amount
Download XML
No exports have been created yet. Encara no s'han creat exportacions.
We will debit the total amount of this order from your bank account by direct debit on or shortly after %(date)s.
This payment will appear on your bank statement as %(creditor_name)s with mandate reference %(reference)s and creditor ID %(id)s.
SEPA export
SEPA export: %(date)s
Included orders
Total amount: %(total)s %(currency)s
Mandate date
Associated invoices
No orders have been part of this export.
The SEPA direct debit failed to be completed. Please contact the organizer of the event as soon as possible!
Event ticket {event}-{code} Tiquet per l'acte {event}-{code}
The generated file did not validate for the following reasons. Please contact pretix support for more information.
Multiple new export files have been created, since your events have differing SEPA settings. Please make sure to process all of them!
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No exports have been created yet.
Encara no s'han creat exportacions.
4 months ago
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