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Every seat you select here will not be available for sale.
Tip: Hold down the "shift" key while you move your mouse to quickly select multiple seats.
Choose a seat to book Seleccione un asiento para reservar
Redeem a voucher
Voucher code
Redeem voucher
Seating plan settings
There are currently no seating plans configured on your organizer account.
Manage seating plans
Seating plan selection
Please choose a seating plan and then map every category in your seating plan to one product in pretix that defines the prices and availabilities of these seats. If you map a category to a product with variations, the user may choose between those variations for this seat.
Change blocked seats
Selection restrictions
Delete seating plan:
You cannot delete the seating plan because it is used in some of your events.
Cancel Cancelar
Are you sure you want to delete the seating plan?
Delete Eliminar
Seating plan:
Create a new seating plan
We need your seating plan in a specific format that allows our software to understand not only how your plan looks, but also how its structure and numbering works.
At, you can find a graphical editor that you can use to create and modify seating plans in this specific format. Afterwards, you can save the plan to your computer's disk and upload it here to connect it to your events.
Go to editor
Download layout
Upload layout
Migrate usages of seating plan
Create a new seating plans
Name Nombre
Copy into a new plan
Migrate to a new plan
Unassigned seats
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This translation Propagated Translated pretix/pretix Plugin: Seating
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Propagated Translated pretix/pretix Plugin: Campaign tracking
Propagated Translated pretix/pretix Plugin: Pages
Propagated Translated pretix/pretix
Propagated Translated pretix/pretix Plugin: Cart sharing
Propagated Not translated pretix/pretix (frontend)
Propagated Translated pretix/pretix Plugin: Shipping
The following strings have different contexts, but the same source.
Translated pretix/pretixdroid (deprecated)
Translated pretix/pretixSCAN (Desktop)
Not translated pretix/pretixPOS (Android)


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