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Cashier Name
Context English Dutch (informal) (nl_Informal) State
posreport Product return Productterugname
posreport Gift card sale
posreport Gift card redemption
posreport Change differences Wisselgeldverschillen
posreport Payment for online order
Closing report #{}-{} Afsluitrapport #{}-{}
posreport Sales by tax rate (including reversals) Omzet per belastingtarief (incl. terugbetalingen)
posreport Sales by payment method (including reversals) Omzet per betalingsmethode (incl. terugbetalingen)
posreport Sales by tax rate and payment method (including reversals) Omzet per belastingtarief en betalingsmethode (incl. terugbetalingen)
posreport Sales by product (including reversals) Omzet per product (incl. terugbetalingen)
posreport Reversals and returned products included in sales Je omzet bevat terugbetalingen en teruggenomen producten
posreport Gift card operations
posreport Payments for online orders by payment method
posreport Canceled lines and receipts Terugbetaalde kaartjes en bonnetjes
posreport Cash movement Kasverplaatsingen
posreport Cashier Name Naam kassier
posreport Cashier Signature Handtekening kassier
posreport POS device: POS-apparaat:
posreport Serial number and date: Serienummer en datum:
posreport Receipt numbers and timeframe: Bonnummers en tijdsspanne:
posreport Created by:
posreport Counted amount Geteld bedrag
posreport Deficit Tekort
Lines Regels
Tax total Belastingtotaal
posreport Gross total Brutototaal
Sum Som
Product Product
Single price Eenheidsprijs
Count Aantal
Box office Kaartjesbureau


Cashier Name
Naam kassier
a year ago
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English Dutch (informal) (nl_Informal)
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