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Open the pretix admin interface
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This plugin allows you to embed your ticket shop as a tab on your facebook page Questo plugin ti permette di inserire il tuo negozio come tab della tua pagina Facebook
Event Evento
Page ID ID Pagina
Add to Facebook page Aggiungi alla pagina Facebook
This event is currently connected to a Facebook page. Questo evento è attualmente collegato ad una pagina Facebook.
View tab on Facebook Vedi tab su Facebook
Remove connection Rimuovi connessione
If you want, you can also add your ticket shop to your Facebook page. You can start this process by clicking on the following button.
You will then be able to select your page and the tab will be added to your page. You then need to visit the tab on your page once to complete the setup by selecting the correct event.
Add tab to my Facebook page Aggiungi tab sulla mia pagina Facebook
Welcome to your pretix Facebook tab! Benvenuto su pretix Facebook tab!
Please select an event to show on this page: Scegli un evento da mostrare su questa pagina:
Assign Assegna
You are not logged in to pretix' admin interface. Non sei loggato nell'admin di pretix
Please log in with pretix and then return to this tab and refresh this page. Effettua il login su pretix e dopo ritorna su questo tab e refresha la pagina
Open the pretix admin interface Apri l'admin di pretix
You are not logged in as the admin of this Facebook page. Non sei loggato come admin di questa pagina Facebook
Please log in to a Facebook account that has the permission to administer this page to set up this tab.
If you already <strong>are</strong> logged in as a page admin and still see this message, you might need to go to this page in Facebook Business.
Open this page in Facebook Business Apri questa pagina su Facebook Business
The connection of this event to the Facebook page has been removed.


Open the pretix admin interface
Apri l'admin di pretix
10 months ago
Open the pretix admin interface
Apri l'admin di pretix
10 months ago
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