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Secret for JWT tokens
To use HS256 JWTs, only provide a single line shared secret. For RS256 JWTs, provide the public key to be used, including the -----BEGIN RSA PRIVATE KEY----- header.
Key ID for JWT tokens
Do not show before email address is validated
If turned on, this content will not be available directly after purchase, but only after we know the email address of the customer is valid. Attendee email addresses will not be checked by this.
Digital Content {val}
The digital content has been deleted.
The digital content has been changed.
The digital content has been created.
Digital content: %(name)s
Are you sure you want to delete the digital content <strong>%(content)s</strong>?
JWT authorization
This section allows you to configure the generation pattern for the <code>{token}</code> placeholder above. This can be used as a simple means of authentication with an external system if the external system is compatible with JSON Web Tokens with algorithm HS256 (shared secret) or RS256 (asymmetric keys).
You haven't added any digital content yet.
Add content
Your digital content
Email verification required
You will gain access to the digital content of this event as soon as the person who placed the order clicked the link in the email they received to confirm the email address is valid.
If you click the link in the email we sent you, you will be able to access the digital content of this event here.
Join as %(name)s
Watch as %(name)s
Download as %(name)s


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