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The new certificate layout has been created.
Context English Chinese (Simplified) State
Certificate 证书
Are you sure you want to delete the certificate layout <strong>%(layout)s</strong>? 您确定要删除证书布局<strong>%(layout)s</strong>?
Cancel 取消
Delete 删除
Certificate layout: %(name)s 证书布局:%(name)s
Certificate design 证书设计
You can modify the design after you saved this page. 保存此页面后,您可以更改设计。
Save 保存
You haven't created any certificate layouts yet. 您尚未创建任何证书布局。
Create a new certificate layout 创建新的证书布局
Make default 缺席
With the following button, you can download a certificate of your attendance:
Download certificate 印刷证书
Certificate of attendance 参观证书
Show layouts
The new certificate layout has been created. 已创建新的证书布局。
We could not save your changes. See below for details. 我们无法保存您的更改。详见下文。
The requested certificate layout does not exist.
Your changes have been saved. 您的更改已保存。
The selected certificate layout has been deleted.
Certificate layout: {}
Allow attendees to download their certificates
This will show a download option for certificates of attendance on the customer-visible detail page of their order.
Only allow to download certificates if the attendee has been checked in. 仅包括已检入的门票
Unknown order code or not authorized to access this order.
Certificate download is not enabled. 创建证书布局。
No certificates are available for this order currently.


The new certificate layout has been created.
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