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Context English Dutch (informal) (nl_Informal) State
Order code Bestelcode
Attendee name: {part} Naam van gast: {part}
(Do not print certificates) (Print geen certificaten)
Certificate layout Certificaatlay-out
(Event default) (Standaardlay-out van evenement)
Name Naam
Default Standaard
Certificates Certificaten
Certificate layout created. Certificaatlay-out aangemaakt.
Certificate layout deleted. Certificaatlay-out verwijderd.
Certificate layout changed. Certificaatlay-out aangepast.
Certificate layout {val} Certificaatlay-out {val}
Print certificates Print certificaten
Certificate Certificaat
Are you sure you want to delete the certificate layout <strong>%(layout)s</strong>? Weet je zeker dat je de certificaatlay-out <strong>%(layout)s</strong> wilt verwijderen?
Cancel Annuleren
Delete Verwijderen
Certificate layout: %(name)s Certificaatlay-out: %(name)s
Certificate design Certificaatontwerp
You can modify the design after you saved this page. Je kan het ontwerp aanpassen nadat je deze pagina hebt opgeslagen.
Save Opslaan
You haven't created any certificate layouts yet. Je hebt nog geen certificaatlay-outs aangemaakt.
Create a new certificate layout Maak een nieuwe certificaatlay-out
Make default Maak standaard
With the following button, you can download a certificate of your attendance: Met deze knop kan je je deelnamecertificaat downloaden:
Download certificate Download certificaat
Certificate of attendance Deelnamecertificaat
Show layouts Toon lay-outs
The new certificate layout has been created. De nieuwe certificaatlay-out is aangemaakt.
We could not save your changes. See below for details. We konden je wijzigingen niet opslaan. Zie hieronder voor details.
The requested certificate layout does not exist. De gevraagde certificaatlay-out bestaat niet.
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This translation Propagated Translated pretix/pretix Plugin: Certificates of attendance
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Propagated Translated pretix/pretix Plugin: Campaign tracking
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Propagated Not translated pretix/pretix Plugin: pretixPOS Backend
Propagated Not translated pretix/pretix (frontend)
Propagated Translated pretix/pretix Plugin: Shipping
Propagated Translated pretix/pretix Plugin: Seating
The following string has different context, but the same source.
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English Dutch (informal) (nl_Informal)
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