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event ticketing powered by {company}
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How do you want to pay your monthly pretix fees?
I want to pay by SEPA direct debit
I want to pay by invoice and will transfer the money via SEPA wire transfer
I want to pay by credit card
I will only offer free tickets
Your pretix account is now ready to go!
We have trouble activating your pretix account
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Billing overview
Your contract allows you to use pretix for free tickets for free, as long as your usage is below {limit} free tickets per year. This year, you have already used up <strong>{usage}</strong> of these tickets. Please get in touch with to discuss billing if you like to exceed that value.
This organizer account is locked. If you are the organizer of this event, please contact
widget event ticketing powered by {company} المنصة مقدمة من {company}
widget ticketing provided by {partner} powered by {pretix}
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Billing FAQ
Which orders count for the billing calculation?
All successfully paid orders will be used to calculate your ticketing fees.
Why does my billing total does not match exactly to a percentage of my sales volume?
There might be multiple reasons involved:
We'll calculate the percentage from your <strong>net price</strong>, i.e. if you sell tickets for €10 including 7%% taxes and your pretix fee is at 2.5%%, we'll calculate our fee as 2.5%% * €10 / 7%% = €0.24. Then, we might add up 19%% German VAT again, depending on your country of residence, making it €0.28 in total, which is a bit more than 2.5%% of your original gross price.
We are calculating the 2.5%% percent <strong>per ticket</strong> and are rounding to two decimal places. Those rounding errors might sum up such that the total is a bit more or less than 2.5%% of the total sales volume.


event ticketing powered by {company}
المنصة مقدمة من {company}
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