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Context English Romanian State
Do you want to copy over your configuration from a different event? We will copy all products, categories, quotas, and questions as well as general event settings.
Please make sure to review all settings extensively. You will probably still need to change some settings manually, e.g. date and time settings and texts that contain the event name.
Event type
Singular event or non-event shop
An event with individual configuration. If you create more events later, you can copy the event to save yourself some work.
Examples: Conferences, workshops, trade fairs, one-off concerts, sale of digital content, multi-day events with combination tickets.
Event series or time slot booking
A series of events that share the same configuration. They can still be different in their dates, locations, prices, and capacities.
Examples: Multiple presentations of the same show, same concert in multiple locations, museums, libraries, or swimming pools, events that need to be booked together in one cart.
Please note that you will only be able to delete your event until the first order has been created.
The list below shows all events you have administrative access to. Click on the event name to access event details.
You currently do not have access to any events.
Paid tickets per quota
More quotas
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On sale
Open event dashboard
typography The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.
Numbers as of %(date)s
Currently available: %(num)s

If you have a gift card, please enter the gift card code here. If the gift card does not have
enough credit to pay for the full order, you will be shown this page again and you can either
redeem another gift card or select a different payment method for the difference.

Your gift card will be used to pay for this order. If the credit on the gift card is lower than the order total, you will be able to pay the
difference with a different payment method. If the credit is higher than the order total, you will be able to re-use the gift card in the future.
System message
Update check results
Update checks are disabled.
No update check has been performed yet since the last update of this installation. Update checks are performed on a daily basis if your cronjob is set up properly.
Check for updates now
The last update check was not successful.
The server returned an error code.
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