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Test API Key
Test HMAC Key
Test Merchant Account
Please configure a <a href="">Notification Webhook</a> to the following endpoint in order to automatically cancel orders when charges are refunded externally and to process asynchronous payment methods like SOFORT.
Please refer to the documentation <a href="">here</a> on how to obtain your API-key.
Adyen payments for pretix
This plugin allows to use Adyen as a payment provider
Please refer to the documentation <a href="">here</a> on how to obtain your HMAC key.
Production Endpoint Prefix
Production HMAC Key
Please refer to the documentation <a href="">here</a> on how to identify the Production Endpoint Prefix.<br />If your production checkout endpoint is https://[random]-[company name], please use <i>[random]-[company name]</i> as the prefix.
Production API Key
Production Merchant Account
No payment information found.
We had trouble communicating with Adyen. Please try again and get in touch with us if this problem persists.
You may need to enable JavaScript for Adyen payments.
Sorry, there was an error in the payment process.
Credit card payments
Please select the Adyen server closest to you.
The Adyen plugin is operating in test mode. You can use one of <a {args}>many test cards</a> to perform a transaction. No money will actually be transferred.
Production Environment
The total amount will be withdrawn from your credit card.
Adyen reported an event: {} {}
After you submitted your order, we will redirect you to the payment service provider to complete your payment. You will then be redirected back here to get your tickets.
Credit card
giropay via Adyen
PSP reference
Payment method
Credit card via Adyen
Refusal Reason
Your payment will be processed by Adyen NV. Your data will be transmitted directly to Adyen and never touches our servers.
Total value
The payment transaction could not be completed for the following reason:
Confirm payment: %(code)s
We're waiting for an answer from the payment provider regarding your payment. Please contact us if this takes more than a few days.
Pay order
Unknown reason
You need to confirm your payment. Please click the link below to do so or start a new payment.
Confirm payment


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