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Key English Russian
app_name pretixSCAN
title_activity_main pretixSCAN
headline_setup Welcome to pretixSCAN!
action_sync Synchronize now
progress_syncing_first Downloading event configuration…
progress_syncing Synchronizing with server…
progress_processing Processing…
progress_registering Registering device with server…
error_unknown_exception An unknown error has occurred
error_not_synchronized Your device has not been properly synchronized with the server
action_label_settings Settings
action_label_statistics Statistics
action_label_scantype_entry Switch to entry scanning
action_label_scantype_exit Switch to exit scanning
scantype_entry Entry
scantype_exit Exit
scantype_entry_kiosk Scan your ticket to check in
scantype_exit_kiosk Scan your ticket to check out
checktype_online Online verification
checktype_offline Offline verification