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Tracking codes
This plugin allows you to embed analytics services like Google Analytics into your event ticket shop.
External Tracking
External tracking providers
Tracking snippet providers
The Google Analytics implementation currently only tracks users with JavaScript enabled in their browser, even though it is possible to use pretix without JavaScript.
If you enable a tracking provider, an appropriate section will be automatically added to the privacy information page. It will be possible for users to opt out of the tracking there. We are not liable for the completeness or applicability of this privacy information within your jurisdiction. Please make sure to provide your own privacy policy with adequate statements.
If you enable a tracking code, sensitive data will be transmitted to the provider (e.g. Google or Facebook) and will be stored by them. In older or Microsoft browsers it might even allow them (or anyone who intercepts this additional connection) to access security-critical data like the order download links. For privacy and security reasons, we therefore strongly discourage the use of tracking providers.
Affiliate systems
Tracking snippet providers without order masking
For these tracking providers, we are unable to remove order codes from the URLs in tracking data. When evaluating the privacy impact, please note the tracking data will therefore contain data that allows to specifically identify individual buyers.
Google Analytics Tracking ID
This is in the format UA-XXXXX-XX. Leave empty if you do not want to use Google Analytics.
Invalid tracking ID format.
Facebook Pixel ID
This is a long, unique number that you find in your Facebook Pixel code after "fbq('init', '". Leave empty if you do not want to use Facebook Pixel.
LinkedIn Partner ID
This is a long, unique number that you find in the first row of your Linked In tracking code.
HubSpot Account ID