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SEPA Direct debit
This plugin adds SEPA direct debit support to pretix
List of SEPA debits (CSV)
SEPA export date
Direct debit is not allowed for this IBAN, please get in touch with the event organizer or choose a different payment method.
The BIC number {bic} does not match the IBAN. Please double, check your banking details. According to our data, the correct BIC would be {correctbic}.
SEPA debit
Test mode payments will only be debited if you submit a file created in test mode to your bank.
Available placeholders: {list}
I have understood that I need to regularly create SEPA XML export files and transfer them to my bank in order to have my bank collect the customer payments.
Creditor name
Creditor IBAN
Creditor BIC
Creditor ID
This must be a valid SEPA creditor ID.
Mandate reference prefix
This may only contain letters, numbers, and the following special characters: ' , . : + - / ( ) ?
We will use this string and append the event slug and the order code to build a unique SEPA mandate reference.
Pre-notification time
Number of days between the placement of the order and the due date of the direct debit. Depending on your legislation and your bank rules, you might be required to hand in a debit at least 5 days before the due date at your bank and you might even be required to inform the customer at least 14 days beforehand. We recommend configuring at least 7 days.