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Passbook Tickets
Provides passbook tickets for pretix
This does not look like a RSA private key in PEM format (it misses the begin or end signifiers)
This does not look like a X509 certificate in either PEM or DER format
The file you uploaded could not be converted to PNG format.
I would like to scale the graphics myself
In some instances, the downscaling of graphics done by the Wallet-app is not satisfactory. By checking this box, you can provide prescaled files in the correct dimensions.<br><br>If you choose to do so, please only upload your pictures in the regular display size and not the increased retina size.
Event icon
Display size is {} x {} pixels.
We suggest an upload size of {} x {} pixels to support retina displays.
Event icon for Retina {}x displays
Event logo
Event logo for Retina {}x displays
Pass background image
Pass background image for Retina {}x displays
Event location (latitude)
Event location (longitude)
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