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Offline Sales
Allows to sell tickets through offline channels
Number of tickets
subevent Date
Sales channel
Please choose the sales channel that we should assign these offline sales to in your statistics.
There is not enough quota available to create more than {number} tickets.
Ticket layout
Offline sales
Create a new batch
Offline sales allow you to sell tickets in places where you don't have the option to use digital technology, for example when reselling through a local partner who doesn't have internet connection or at the entrance of your event when you do not want to use our pretixPOS app.
This works by you generating, downloading and printing a number of tickets (a "batch") through this page. Those tickets will be booked in the system as if you had sold them right now. Once your offline sale is over, come back here and cancel all the tickets you didn't sell to make sure statistics are correct.
Creation date
Printed tickets
Cancelled tickets