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Integrates MailChimp list management features into pretix
MailChimp Client ID
MailChimp Client Secret
The user's email address has been added to the selected MailChimp list or already is part of the list.
The user's email address could not be added to the selected MailChimp list due to an error.
A MailChimp account has been connected
MailChimp integration
MailChimp Account
Connect to MailChimp
Sorry, we had trouble communicating with the MailChimp API. Please try again later.
MailChimp list
<a {a_attr}>Click here</a> to check for new lists in your MailChimp account.
Add emails to the list without sending a confirmation mail
-- None --
Okay! Your pretix event is now disconnected from your MailChimp account.
Wonderful! You can now configure the MailChimp integration.
We refreshed your MailChimp lists, you can now go ahead with configuring the correct one!