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Campaign Tracking for pretix
Allows you to track various campaign and affiliate links that link to your shop
Redirect to external URL
OPTIONAL: If someone clicks on the campaign link, they will be redirected to the URL given in this field. You can leave this empty to redirect the user to your ticket shop. You can use this e.g. to redirect users to your event website first but still track them as part of the campaign if they return to the ticket shop later.
Please enter a descriptive name for the campaign so you can recognize it later. After you created the campaign, we will tell give you the link to use to track visitors of your shop that are refered by this campaign.
All analytical data on this campaign will be permanently lost.
Share this link with your users. Everyone who clicks on this link and then buys something in your shop over the next days using the same browser will be counted as a sale within this campaign.
Start a first campaign
Create a new campaign
Campaign ID
Orders created
Orders paid
Revenue (paid orders)
The campaign has been created.
The campaign has been deleted.